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ITU Online Training is a leader in the e-learning industry. Through our reseller program, you too can share in the explosive growth of this industry by selling high-quality IT-focused training under your own brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent asked questions, with explanations on our reseller & affiliate programs.
  • Our resellers purchase courses directly from ITU and then resell them into their market with their desired profit margin. Resellers are entitled to substantial discounts, marketing assistance, private labeling & branding, and constant coaching from our reseller team.
  • You don’t need to have a current IT business to become a reseller. Many of our most successful resellers started from scratch and begin their venture without a background in e-learning.
  • The market for e-learning is booming! If you want to add passive income to your business or start a new business, becoming an ITU reseller provides a highly scalable and profitable opportunity. ITU believes in being fundamentally different than other companies in our space. We achieve this by truly partnering with your company and by having an unrivaled passion in sharing your success.


  • When you become a reseller with ITU we private label all of our courses with your logos and branded green screens so the product appears as yours to your customers.
  • We also deliver you a fully branded learning management system with your color scheme and logos as well. This allows you to have a product that shows as your companies without spending the 100’s of thousands of dollars in equipment and course development.
  • The fully branded Learning Management System(LMS) we deliver to you comes with a variety of engaging and interactive features to build your clientele and constantly get repeat and referral business.
  • ITU is the leading content manufacturer and developer in the education space. With over 650,000 students, ITU knows what it takes to create engaging, interactive and most importantly, effective virtual training courses.
  • ITU’s reseller account department works with companies large and small to maximize their potential and create a thriving e-learning business model that is highly profitable. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars on building content, this process allows for your company to save a massive amount of resources and sell the highest quality training courses in the marketplace.
  • We also have a large suite of proprietary technology that will help you with marketing, e-commerce, sales, and any other assistance you need to be successful with this model.
  • Please fill out the form to speak with one of our reseller accounts managers. We will show you examples of what your branding will look like on the courses and LMS as well as give you some ideas of how to implement different models that are proven in this space. While we do not accept every reseller application, we will always reach out to you to learn more and see if your company is a fit for our reseller/distribution network.
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