Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Version 11 (ECC 312-50) Part 1, 2, 3


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This course is the first in a three-part comprehensive series on ethical hacking. Students will build the foundational skills necessary to not only choose the right tools when performing a cybersecurity penetration test, but to also be able to explain why the chosen technique will work. Throughout this entire series, every lesson and topic are infused with real world examples, walkthroughs of actual penetration testing scenarios, and extensive hands-on learning.

In this Foundations course, students will learn how networks, protocols, and networking devices work. They will understand the security limits found in a traditional network and how to exploit those limits. They will learn ethical hacking concepts, the cyber kill chain process, operating system vulnerabilities and how to use Linux as an attack platform. They will practice essential Windows and Linux commands, research and download the latest exploit source code, and compile and use that code against a target. As a security professional, they will also learn about relevant laws and how best to serve their clients’ needs when auditing a computer network. They will examine the controls used to protect a company’s digital assets—and what it takes to circumvent such controls.

Why you should take this course:

CEH Part 1: Foundations ensures that you have the critical background necessary to build a successful career in cyber security. So many hacking classes only teach the tools, or the specific vulnerabilities of a particular target. They often fail, however, to ensure that you have the understanding needed to be more than just a “script kiddie”. Not only does this course and series cover all of the CEH 312-50 exam objectives, it also ensures that you can find and use the latest tools necessary to conduct a successful ethical hacking campaign.

Intended audience:

This course is intended for IT professionals including:

  • Ethical hackers

  • System Administrators

  • Network Administrators

  • Engineers

  • Web managers

  • Auditors

  • Security Professionals


Course prerequisites:

Before taking this course:

  • You should have a basic understanding of networking and operating system essentials (CompTIA Network+ or Security+ certification or equivalent knowledge is helpful though not required).

  • You will also need a 64-bit PC that supports VMware Workstation Player virtualization, with a minimum of 8 GB of RAM (16 GB is preferred), 40 GB of free disk space, running Windows 8.1 Professional or later.

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